The main motto behind studying apprehensions and art is to all around the development of human being.

Dr.Nilesh Deshmane (Vastu Shashtra PhD & Astrology PhD) is Leading & Renowned Vastu Shastra Consultant
in Pune, India with Our 11 Years of Successful Practice & Extensive Research.

At vastuprad, we try to connect modern life style with ancient wisdom. Based on our many years of expereince & research, we have developed healing techniques to implement vastu practice in any premises. It adds positive vibrations to your dream location.

Vastu Shastra


Vastu For Home
Vastu For Bedroom
Vastu For Master Bedroom
Vastu For Kitchen
Vastu For Poja Room
Vastu For Entrance


Vastu For Industries
Vastu For Factory Offices
Vastu For Staff Quarters
Vastu For Factory Store
Vastu For Industrial Plot
Vastu For Warehouses


Vastu For Corporate
Vastu For Office
Vastu For Malls
Vastu For Showroom
Vastu For Hotels
Vastu For Hospitals


Vastu For Power Project
Vastu For Metro Project
Industrial Vastu Project
Residential Vastu Project
Vastu For Resort Projects
Vastu For Ashram Project

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