About Us

Nilesh Deshmane, Vastu Consultant and Numerologist

The founder of Vastuprad is Dr. Nilesh Deshmane (Vastu Shashtra PhD & Astrology PhD) founded in 2006, is a reputed vastushastra, astrology and many more service provider based in Pune, India. We excel in offering consultation services for various streams of astrology like astrology, vastushastra, numerology, palmistry, tarot reading, graphology, crystal therapy, face reading, Vedic astrology, horoscope reading, aura reading, etc. Our astrologers ensure to provide an honest and accurate astrology reading to our clients. Apart from personal consultation, customers can consult us through phone and online modes. We also deal with products like sapphire gemstones, emerald gemstones, vastu gemstones and rudraksha beads. Furthermore, we provide Kundali Matching services for the clients. Contact us for getting cost-effective astrology readings.

Dr. Nilesh Deshmane, practising Vastu shastra Consultant from Pune hold a Digree in Vastu Shastra.

We at Vastuprad have been researching, studying and practising a vastu since 2006. Vastuprad is managed by Vastu Experts under the guidance of Vastu Consultant, Nilesh Deshmane to provide consultancy, education and support to the people who wish to avail a benefits of Vastu shastra.

Our clients include Corporates, Doctors, Lawyers, Chartered Accountants, Architects, Builders, Hotels, Hospitals, Super Markets, Therapists, Industrialists and retailers.

We have gained a reputation for providing a confidential & highly skilled services combined with the substantial authenticate knowledge of Vastu Shastra. We have clients throughout the India as well as out of india, We are committed to our clients for highly skilled services with a timely back up supports.

A Complete Vastu Consultation

During the consultation, we will recommend a simple and manageable layout that will allow you to balance the energy and vibrations in your home or office. We suggest best placement of various departments as per Vastu shastra. We also recommend the use of colours, shape and objects to enhance energy of your premises helping you to achieve more prosperity, growth, harmony and peace.

Our work is a combination of careful analysis and intuitive solutions. These solutions or adjustments as they are sometimes referred to, can be both remarkably obvious and remarkably subtle. A Vastu adjustment can align and re-distribute the energy in the office and help you achieve your targets.

A comprehensive vastu consultation and the solutions provided can liberate much energy, energy that wants to liberate you. Let the power of vastu become your personal power, the power of possibilities, the ultimate results for acquiring your corporate mission by changing your thoughts, actions for betterment in terms of health, wealth, peace and prosperity as well

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